How do we work

Our Leadership Training Programs consist of 6 or 9 modules which last between 80 and 120 hs.

All our Training Programs are based on a "Blended Learning" methodology: conceptual models, group and playful activities, case study analysis, video sessions, self-diagnosis, specialized readings, practical exercises, outdoor activities, action plans, etc.

We work together with the HR areas and the Managers of different Organizations to diagnose, design, track and measure tailor-made training programs.

In order to complete the program, the participants have to hand in a final task based on a "concrete improvement" for his organization or area.

Our Leadership Training Programs are divided into units that deal with the following topics: Leadership, Negotiation and Conflict Management, Teamwork, Effective Communication, Interpersonal Relations, Goal Setting and Tracking, Problem Solving, Change Management, Results Orientation and Decision Making, among others.

We apply conceptual models based on International Management Best Sellers: Covey, Maxwell, Ulrich, Ury, Goleman, Boyaztis, Albrecht, Blanchard, Bennis, Peters, Posner, Senge, Withmore, etc.

Our training material is carefully designed according to our different facilitation agendas and complying with internal quality standards and our clients corporate image.